Grave Return – We Have To Know

We Have to Know

Grave Return

Independent Release, 2017

Weaned on first and second generation punk, Orlando’s Grave Return’s old School sound isn’t an accident. It’s grave return CVRauthentic, as they are the real thing.

The songs are terse, to the point and vitriolic. “Urban Savage” has a great riff that calls to mind UFO and Thin Lizzy thrown against a far more agitated rhythm section. “T.V. Prophets speeds headlong in manic indignation as though it wants to cross over into hardcore, but keeps things in check, only just. Guitars squall furiously as the band vamps on the ending, controlling the chaos they created. “Friday Night” attacks in staccato bursts topped with soaring vocal melodies, which could be Southern California Surf-pop distilled through the Buzzcocks.

This is what the truly great bands from ‘79 sounded like. When they were being torn between truly committing to punk or allowing themselves to morph into new wave, or other easier to palette varieties of rock. The best of the lot stayed the course and/or imploded. This is the rarest of gems; an old school disc with matching pedigree, new and exciting, and waiting for you to discover. And it’s available on vinyl, because, these in’t no posers playin’ around.