Harley Flanagan Lives and Breathes Hardcore

Harley Flanagan

W/ Rhythm of Fear, and Destructonomicon

Will’s Pub

Thursday, December 14, Orlando, FL

Harley Flanagan (725) vgThere’s something I’ve come to expect from first generation Hardcore acts who are still bashing away; they are brutal and uncompromising.

The raging volatility that ignited powerful music years ago, still burns, and for most, the personal unrest that moved them to go beyond punk and into more aggressive, turbulent musical waters churns stronger than ever. Harley Flanagan, formerly of the Cro-Mags, currently of his own eponymous band, took the stage at Will’s and proved, he was more than his reputation. The 70 minute set navigated his past catalog, most recent release, and he introduced several new songs from upcoming releases. Tough, terse and delivered with an exacting ferocity, Flanagan is just now hitting his stride as a songwriter and performer.

Jacksonville’s own Rhythm of Fear delivered a solid set of thrash metal that made me want to hear more from this up and coming. Dark and intense, they delivered an memorable set.

Destructonomicon were a bright moment and unexpected surprise. Fast, agitated and thorouhjly unsettled, the band was light on it’s feet, and served up a blistering set of punk flavored thrash. Their visuals of fluffy kitties against typical metal images show they don’t take themselves too seriously, which is refreshing. Their music is absolutely worth checking out as their brand of metal is formidable.