A Commitment to Dedication

A Commitment to Dedication Names and places have been changed for obvious reasons “So what are the cops like in this town?”“I’d slow down on the … [Read more...]

Neil Peart Far and Away: A Prize Every Time

Far and Away: A Prize Every Time By Neil Peart Prior to his career as an author, Neil Peart was best known for his work as the lyricist and … [Read more...]

Wanee, in Case You Missed it

The Wanee  festival 2012, has come and gone, and in case you missed this glorious celebration of jam bands, patchuli, and other earthly communal … [Read more...]

Catching Dengue Fever

Catching Dengue Fever                                                                                                       By M. Alberto … [Read more...]

Howlin’ Wolf and the Blues

Howlin' Wolf and the Blues     by Nik Talbot One of the great things about vinyl is that it's timeless. One of my favorite LPs I have is … [Read more...]

Memphis Drum Shop Covers all your Percussion Needs

Memphis Drum Shop offers the beginner, semi-pro, and pro drummer six showrooms of acoustic drums, electronic drums, hand percussion, cymbals, sticks, … [Read more...]

Black Door Studio Rocks Cedar Rapids

Black Door Studio                                                                                                                                Cedar … [Read more...]

Anarchists Closet Provide Fashion Relief

Anarchist Closet: Rage against the Closet! Buy and Sell Used and Abused Punk/Goth/Alternative/Skater Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories. Located … [Read more...]

Music Map!

Thanks again for visiting Indie Music! Here we've put together some mapping resources for you.  The maps are self explanatory so please … [Read more...]