Pink Floyd’s Final Farewell: The Endless River

Pink Floyd

The Endless River

Columbia Records, 2015

This latest and final release from the storied psychedelic band Pink Floyd is an mostly instrumental affair. Surviving members David Gilmour, and Nick Mason culled through tapes recorded with keyboard player Richard Wright during The Division Bell sessions and assembled these songs. Wright passed away in 2010.Pink_Floyd_-_The_Endless_River_(Artwork)

This is an intensely personal collection of sounds, studio sculpted into songs, not intended to enter the Billboard 100 and stay there ad infitum.

Ambient and dreamlike, this is reminiscent of their film soundtracks. This is largely restrained, and calls to mind their early work, “Meddle.” There’s no walloping single to wrap your head around or to lament the inevitable passing of everything. This is an unhurried collection of fragments of songs never fully developed, but worth a second listen. And the songs have been arranged into movements.

The casual listener may fail to be intrigued, and will probably wonder what the fuss is all about. It can’t begin to be qualified as a rock record, or even an art jazz one. It meanders too much for easy definition.

Where The Endless River succeeds, is when we listen to it as two dear old friends who’ve seen and shared things almost no one else can begin to understand, and are saying good-bye to a brother-in-arms the best way they truly know how.